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45 Online | | October 23, 2014
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info@visaaleyaar.com Syed Zabeeb Masood 19th Ramadan In Qtv
Subhan Allah

Itni Khobsorat awaz
wa wa Mashallah
Posted by Mohammad Usman Qadri | 26 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Syed Zabeeb Masood 19th Ramadan In Qtv
ARY Digital ki administration bahut bahut mubarkbad ki mustahik hay jis nay Mah-e-Noor main "Marhaba Ya Mustafa" ki nashriyat paish kein. In nashriyat main "Marhaba Ya Mustafa" k nam se aik azeemunshan Naatia Muqabla be karwaya. Alhamdulilah main nay tamam muqablay k program dekhay.
Posted by Abid Hussain Awan | 25 Feb 2012
Posted by javed ul qadri | 25 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Who is Yazeed and Why he against Imam Hussain Histroty of Yazeed by Doctor Tahir ul Qadri
best website
used it.
Posted by Mehmood | 25 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Muhabbat Ali Se Hai
Masha Allah, bahut khoobsurat manqabat.
Posted by Mohammad Mayudeen | 25 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Kalam e Sultan Bahu R.A , Zulfiqar Ali In Qtv
Posted by Muhammad Imran | 23 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Syed Zabeeb Masood 19th Ramadan In Qtv
Mobarak ho Bhi Zabib Shab .I like All yours Naat ,
MASHA ALLAH ap ki tmaam naatyn soni hen hr ek me Zooq or Tasalsul hy MASHA ALLAH.Arslan chishty From Kasur punjab Pakistan
Posted by arslanchishty | 23 Feb 2012
very good program for kids
Posted by ismail | 23 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Ya Ali Mushkil Kusha
SubhanALLAH, Zulfiqar Sab ALLAH ap ko khush rakhay
Posted by Mueed | 23 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Madah Tuka , In Lahore
Posted by Mohammed Ali Ather | 20 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Allah Humma Salle Ala
i like that and i love this darood e pak
Posted by kaleem abbas | 20 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Beautiful Quran Recitation at Minhaj ul Quran SIalkot 2011 Conference Part 1
veri good qari sahb
Posted by faiz noori | 20 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Tasleem Ahmed Sabri Family Interview
Subhan ALLAH G Tsleem Bhi apka Choto bohat cute hy very nic .Arslanchishty Kasur Punjab Pakistan
Posted by arslanchishty | 19 Feb 2012
info@visaaleyaar.com Allah Ne Ye Shan
Posted by Muhammed qasim | 19 Feb 2012
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The Love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Reformation of the Character
"Allah and His angels are praying on (and praising) the Prophet; O believers! pray on (and praise) him and send him utmost greetings" (al-Ahzab 56). In the time of the Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, it is well-known that poets came to him with all kinds of works praising him, writing about his campaigns and battles and about the sahaba.
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