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35 Online | | March 29, 2015
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  Khiraj-e-Tehseen | Alhaaj Muhammad Ali Zahoori R.A
  We are here : Khiraj-e-Tehseen » Alhaaj Muhammad Ali Zahoori R.A » Naat Kainaat ( Alhaaj Muhammad Ali Zahoori R.A )  
Naat Kainaat ( Alhaaj Muhammad Ali Zahoori R.A )
Uploading Date:  22 Feb 2010    
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Total Views: 3438  
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Ishq Salamat ~ Visaal e Yaar ~
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Assalam o Alaikum
Aap ko aur aap ki wasaatat say Qtv ki poori team ko Hassaan e Pakistan qibla alhaj M Ali Zahoori(RA) Pride of Performance kay baray mein programme peish karnay aur net per aashiqaan e Mustafa(SAW) tak pohnchaanay per dilli mubarakbad peish karta hun.
From Faizan Zahoori
Youtube Channel(ibnezahoori2009)
Posted by faizan zahoori | 09 Nov 2010
Assalam o Alaikum
Visaal e Yaar ki poori team ko deen e islam ki khidmat aur faroghe hamd o naat k silsilay mein ki jaaney wali tamaam kaavishon per dilli mubarakbad peish karta hun.Azeem Naatgo aur Naatkhawan Hassaan e Pakistan qibla Alhaj M Ali Zahoori(RA) k baarey mein jo programme peish kya gya wo aik azeem kaavish thi aur net per issay logon tak pohanchaaney per aap ki koshish qabil e qadar hai.
Posted by faizan zahoori | 09 Nov 2010
I'v been a fan of Zahoori sahab due to his Ishq. I've seen all dis program of QTV on visaal e yaar. It's a great effort of you people. JazakAllah. Keep on kia imanafroz koshish hai. humari duain app key saath hain.
Posted by Muhammad husnain | 23 Mar 2011
السلام علیکم
الحاج محمد علی ظہوری صاحب کو اللہ تبارک و تعالی کروٹ کروٹ جنت الفردوس نصیب فرمائے ۔ وہ ایک سچے عاشق رسول(صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) تھے ان کی ہر نعت دلوں میں رقت طاری کرنے والی ہے اور آنکھوں سے آنسو جاری کردینے والی ہے اللہ ہمیں بھی سچا اور پکہ عاشق حبیب خدا (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) بنا دے آمین ثم آمین
Posted by سید مجاہد حسین شاہ گیلانی | 23 Oct 2012
Superlby illuminating data here, thanks!
Posted by Mohamed | 26 Mar 2013
The Love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Reformation of the Character
"Allah and His angels are praying on (and praising) the Prophet; O believers! pray on (and praise) him and send him utmost greetings" (al-Ahzab 56). In the time of the Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, it is well-known that poets came to him with all kinds of works praising him, writing about his campaigns and battles and about the sahaba.
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